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Planning a Home Improvement Project? We Can Help!

Adding a Basement Gym to Your Home

We all want to stay fit and healthy but sometimes we don’t have enough time to drive to the gym or neighborhood fitness room for our daily workout. But how about setting up a home gym? “I don’t have enough space,” many people would say. But how about turning that old, dark, creepy basement into
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Atlanta Fire Damage Restoration

Regarding home safety, there are few things homeowners fear more than a house fire. A single spark can turn your precious castle into a pile of ash, in just a matter of minutes. Recovering from a fire can take months, even years, depending on the extent of the damage to the home’s structure. In the
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Should You Renovate Your Alpharetta Home Before Selling

Americans spend over $400 billion a year renovating their homes and properties. That said, when it comes time to sell your Alpharetta, GA house, you might wonder whether performing home renovations before selling is a good idea or not. Alpharetta home renovations have the potential to net you a higher sale price. After all, people
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Tips To Help You Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space

Does your small bathroom drive you crazy? If your bathroom is tiny but you don’t have the budget for an entire remodel, you have come to the right place. Today, you will learn some tips that will help you make the most out your bathroom. These design ideas will help open up more floor space
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How to Survive Your Home Renovation or Remodeling Project

Home renovations are stressful! Renovations can exceed budgets, projected timelines, disrupt your daily routines, and bring you other challenges and surprises. Surviving the process is possible but unforeseen factors can make the whole experience a nightmare if you don’t plan ahead. How do you ensure your improvement project is a success? With the right strategies,
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8 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2021

Your kitchen is the hub of activity in your home. If it is starting to feel dull and dated, here are 8 kitchen makeover ideas for 2021. 1. Style up with a Gallery Wall A feature wall can really pack a punch. It’s not exclusive to the living room but just about any other room
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Basement Remodeling Ideas for 2021

If you’re greeted at the bottom of a set of utilitarian steps by a concrete floor, concrete block walls and overhead ductwork, you might be forgiven for thinking of your unfinished basement as simply a room to store holiday decorations and bins of unused craft supplies. Close your eyes, though, and you can reimagine this
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