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Top 6 Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Rental Property

Planning a Home Improvement Project? We Can Help!

Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Boost Home Value?

Did you know that 80% of home buyers rank their kitchen as the most important room in their home? Whether you’re looking to invest in an Alpharetta property and flip it for a profit or lease it to renters, knowing which rooms matter the most to people can make or break your success. This is
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What Deck Material is Right for Your Home?

As summer approaches the need for a deck is becoming more important than it has been all year. But there are many factors that go into choosing which deck material is right for you. Factors such as cost, material, and how much effort you will have to put into maintaining it all greatly affect the
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Atlanta Home Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about renovating your home in Atlanta, you probably have a million and one questions. Below are answers to many of the most common Atlanta home renovation questions that we hear from our clients. How much do Atlanta Home renovations cost?How long do home renovations take?How can I pay for home renovations?
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Top 10 Home Renovations to Increase Your Property Value

Whether you live in your home and want to give it a makeover or are an experienced real estate investor looking to boost your ROI, home renovations are appealing. However, not all renovations are going to increase your home value as much as you’d like. Some of the best home renovations – the kind that
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How to Avoid Being Burned by a Bad Home Renovation Contractor

Home remodelers have a bad reputation. You’ve probably heard nightmare stories about a contractor who started a job, got a big up-front payment, then walked away and never finished the job. Bad renovation contractors show up on the consumer affairs segment of your local news on a regular basis. So how do you keep from
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Gutting A House – Answers to 9 Common Questions

You just bought a home or you just recently bought an investment property. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: making it feel like home. What’s the solution to that? Home renovation! Remodeling your house into your dream home can mean lots of work, but the results, when done properly, are well worth it. But wait,
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Green Renovations — 7 Ideas You Can Use to Update Your Home

What are green renovations, and how do they impact the quality of life in my home? Green renovation is modifying an existing space or structure that utilizes sustainably sourced materials to ensure a “green” energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home. As a homeowner, there are many benefits of going green in your home. Below are some
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6 Top Ways to Get a Home Renovation Loan

Do you need a home renovation loan to complete a big project in your home? Whether you want to finish a basement, overhaul your kitchen, or add a whole new section, any major home improvement project requires significant money. That doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything in cash, though. Renovation loans can help
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13 Bathroom Remodel Trends To Inspire You

Bathroom remodel trends come and go. Whether you’re an investor, realtor, or property manager in Atlanta, you’ll want to stay on top of what people want in their bathrooms. That is, if you want to save time and money. Not to mention appeal to the right people. There is no denying that a home’s bathroom
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